Trailer Kings: Stay at Home Show Act III

OK. We're doing it again! April 18th - 7 PM. BYOB! Suggest songs below!

Posted by Trailer Kings on Saturday, April 18, 2020

Trailer Kings

Garage Rock Experts. 

Playing covers from AC/DC to Warren Zevon

Three Part Harmony – Full sound/light show – All genres of music. 

Stay at Home Show 4-4-20

Trailer Kings "Stay at Home Show"

April 4th @ 7 PM, we'll play for you just like you were at the bar!00:00 Soundcheck8:03 - American Girl16:34 - Take it Easy24:30 - Black Water29:45 - Ring of Fire35:42 - Learn to Fly42:00 - Good Things49:50 - All Summer Long57:42 - What I Got1:09:00 - Wagon Wheel1:17:05 - Toes1:25:00 - Mary Jane's Last Dance1:33:30 - Evil Ways1:43:40 - Blue on Black1:49:40 - Into the Mystic1:56:00 - Radar Love2:04:23 - Ballroom Blitz2:11:00 - Gin and Juice2:20:00 - I (We) Thank You

Posted by Trailer Kings on Saturday, April 4, 2020

Stay at Home Show 4-11-20

The "Stay at Home" Show: Part Deux

Trailer Kings want to help you get through your Saturday night by playing the hits.

Posted by Trailer Kings on Saturday, April 11, 2020
Guitar, harmonica, vocals

Troye Shanks

Guitar, harmonica, vocals
Bass guitar, vocals

Tim Bredemus

Bass guitar, vocals
Drums, Vocals

Jeffrey Powers

Drums, Vocals
Lead Guitar

Dave Martin

Lead Guitar


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